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Something’s in the air.. fashion and art are meeting up everywhere this week & making beautiful pictures. I’ve personally had show overload, so thinking of taking a break from watching runways and going to Gary Heery‘s photographic exhibition in collaboration with Michelle Jank and Grandiflora.

Gary Heery’s ‘Undergrowth’ exhibition opens the 8-18th March, Shapiro Gallery

162 Queen Street Woollahra, Sydney.

I asked my pal, designer, stylist and all round creative girl, Michelle Jank how the idea for the exhibition can about…

“I think we all share the bond of knowing that it is really important to do something for your creative spirit. It’s important and liberating to be able to work on projects that are not driven by anything other than a love for doing what you do. I think it was interesting for the three of us to see the project grow and change over the year that we have been working on it. You really find your way and your rhythm working with each other. Gary and Saskia are very dear friends, I really respect and admire the magic they produce with their work, they create beauty in such an effortless way and is there anything better than working on creative projects with good friends?” Michelle Jank

Michelle sends her love from the Hollywood Hills, where she is right up near the sign! You’re a fashion gypsy Miss Jank!


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  2. Gabriele
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    Michelle Jank is so talented! and not to mention one of the most stylish Aussie’s i know

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