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Going Bush!

1 day to go: Catching up with designer Arabella Ramsay.

She’s such an easy going, quirky chick Miss Bells Ramsay. Living her alternative life in the bush, just outside of Melbourne, designing her collections and looking after her baby. Her folksy, sweet clashing prints are a colourful highlight to the Myer show I’m styling on Thursday night.

Here Bell’s husband filmed her at home in the country. I love her response to his question ‘Why aren’t I part of your inspiration for this collection ‘…

Fitting In

2 days to go: In Studio Myer Model Fitting

All Photo’s: Soraya Zaman for
Styling: RomyFrydman

My assistant Nicki Colbran fitting shoes on models Vanessa Milde (Viviens) Lauren Brown (Pricillas) wearing Aurelio Costerella

Lauren Brown in Aurelio Costarella


Nicole Pollard (Chic) in sass & bide

Nicole Pollard in Karen Walker

Rachel Rutt (Chic) in ELLERY

Nicole Pollard in ELLERY

Sarah Pauley (Viviens) in Manning Cartell

Nicole Pollard in Magdalena Velevska

Rachel Rutt in Karen Walker

Rachel, Lauren & Vanessa in ELLERY

Nicole Pollard in ELLERY

Rachel Rutt in Maticevski

Vanessa Milde in Aurelio Costarella

Nicole Pollard in Aurelio Costarella

Even in the chaos of clothes flying, shoes that don’t fit and that damn running order, there’s always fun moments and after so many years these gorgeous models have become friends and my saving grace when its crunch time! Watch…


In Melbourne this week working on the Myer shows, so I thought I would give you a type of ‘advent calendar’ of surprises in the lead up to the show….
3 days to go: Jennifer Hawkins fitting…

My first impression of Jen (having never worked with her before yesterday) beautiful skin, taller in person and she loves only super high heels. She opens in her friend ELLERY’s collection and then goes on to wear some of her favourite labels Magdalena Velevska and Yeojin Bae.

Prada Teaser

All photos: Sonny Vandevelde for
Our friend Sonny was behind the scenes at Prada and sent through these pics only hours after the show. A first look at one of my favourite designers in the world; bold, colourful and crazycakes this season.

Tote-ally Mad for M&M Sydney

She’s a far cry from a bag lady but my pal Nikki Valmorbida has deserted me (serves me right for not getting on a plane to the shows this season) but cheers to the launch of her M&M Sydney bag range she started with Marco Menegussi. Nikki’s on her way to NYC, catching up with friends Julia Restoin Roitfeld and her bro PC Valmorbida before getting serious at Coterie for the 1st time to sell her fab canvas bags to the world!

All Photo’s: Patrick Mcgreal for
Styling:Romy Frydman Hair and Makeup: Victoria Baron Shot at Sunstudios
Model: Montana (Chic) wears Flannel shirt, Petite Grand bracelets and M&M Sydney bag
Model: Tim Hamilton (Chic) wears Acne tee, bassike blazer, Prada pants and M&M Sydney bag.

“I recently moved to Sydney after spending 10 years in New York where I was working for Diane von Furstenberg. On one of Marco’s (partner in M&M Sydney) many visits to New York, we ventured to the Hamptons and stumbled across a wonderful shop which stocked a lot of chic items, among them was an unstructured canvas beach bag! We both fell in love and wondered why we had never seen anything like it before and discovered it was discontinued! We then adapted the bag into something new and exciting, and gave it a whole new life with M&M Sydney” Nikki Valmorbida


ELLERY‘s 1st ever store opened yesterday on Glenmore Rd in Paddington!

Congratulations Kym! I actually walked past at 2pm yesterday and thought it was still a building site but no you astound me every time, in hours it became ELLERYLAND!

Kim Noorda in Ellery resort campaign

A sneak peek at Kym’s up & coming Spring12 inspiration board

Kym shot her fall12 campaign herself, she’s a girl with many tricks up her perfectly sculptured sleeve!!

“It has been such a fun project working on my first store.  Designing the fit out was an epic mission but I absolutely loved every minute of it.  There are some real characters out there in the building industry!!  My team were a force to be reckoned with and I am absolutely thrilled with the result.  Welcome to E L L E R Y L A N D; part one.” Kym Ellery

Smoking Hot in Freezing NYC

Model models everywhere, Bridget from DowntownFromBehind braves the bitter cold (actually below zero freezing) to shoot these gorgeous girls for StyleMeRomy.

“Thankgod for (faux) fur, fingerless gloves (shooting finger only) and the promise of red wine at the end of the day.  Fashion Week in New York is here, and so are some of my favourite faces, Lindsey, Daphne and Frida, at some of this weeks show highlights from Rodarte to Derek Lam.” Bridget Fleming

Valentine’s Crush

All Photos: Patrick Mcgreal for
Styling: Romy Frydman Hair and Make-up: Victoria Baron Shot at Sunstudios
Montana (Chic) wears Isabel Marant sweater & shirt, Dosa dress all from Belinda, Petite Grand bracelets & Prada shoes.Tim Hamilton (Chic) wears Prada pants & Acne tee

Actress, Sarah Snook and I decided to share Valentines day stories…

Me: I think the nicest present I got on Valentines was a single rose from a boyfriend who was extremely anti this hallmark holiday, he walked into the bar we were meeting at & I curiously asked ‘What’s that?’ and was genuinely shocked it was for me! Simple.

Sarah Snook: My Valentines Day crush would have to be my boyfriend. Bit unimaginative, but he’s pretty damn dreamy. I totally have a crush on Doctor Who though (David Tenant)…unrequited impossible love for a fictional character. Ridiculous.

SMR Lookbook: The Finale

What can I say, I don’t normally gravitate towards floral but this is an exception. Sculptural garden party in full bloom.

All Photos: Patrick Mcgreal for

Styling: Romy Frydman Hair and Make-up: Victoria Baron Shot at Sunstudios
Model: Nicole Pollard (Chic) wears Natalia Grzybowski dress (made to order)

SMR Lookbook: Easy Going

I love the ease of just throwing on a dress. New designer Talia Shuvalov innovative textured knits are comfort and fashion mixed.

All Photos: Patrick Mcgreal for
Styling: Romy Frydman Hair and Make-up: Victoria Baron Shot at Sunstudios
Model: Nicole Pollard (Chic) wears
Talia Shuvalov dress $875 

Bring back the anklet!! My new Petite Grand one never leaves my ankle, it just seems to work with every shoe including my new YSL heels.