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Guess Who: Jordan Stenmark

The next big thing model No. 2 Jordan Stenmark (Vivien’s).

Photographer: Marnie Haddad for StyleMeRomy
Styling: Romy Frydman Hair: Jenny Kim Make-up: Claire Thomson
Jordan wears James Perse.

Jordan is the ultimate guy: hot, 20, borderline pro sportsman & there’s two! He shares his career with model twin brother, Zac. Together they’ve done Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Abercrombie & Fitch plus Tom Ford has flown them over for a meet and greet.

Guess Who: Marthe Wiggers

This week SMR will be previewing the hottest up and coming models.
Model No. 1 Marthe Wiggers (IMG Australia).

Photographer: Marnie Haddad for StyleMeRomy
Styling: Romy Frydman Hair: Jenny Kim Make-up: Claire Thomson
Marthe wears James Perse and Kirstin Ash necklace.

If you’ve been following Elle Japan or Madame Figaro you might have guessed it was Marthe Wiggers from Holland, who we’ve been lucky enough to have here for four years. Not for long, she loves modelling & is hitting Europe next.

Benah Be Mine

I shot the home of Brenda (Benah) and Ben Briand (Director of the Sarah Snook ‘Dance‘ clip). Super talented Ben is working on a feature film and his amazing wife Brenda is getting ready for Benah Be Mine, bringing fine jewellery into her range of accessories, which launches in August.

Brenda (with  daughter Milla) wears Benah scarf that’s being re-released for Winter 2012 in different colours.

Brenda designs by reflecting where she is in her life and what’s going on.

Their biggest inspiration, daughter & babycakes lover, Milla who has her own instagram.

Alex iPad case from my SUNSHADOWS collection this SS12 and books that Ben bought me for my birthday. We display our most recent buys.” BB

“We got some records as a wedding present a few months ago, we thought we’d keep the collection going and get a record player eventually.” BB

“Romy & Milla think this painting looks like me.” BB

“We try to have fresh flowers all the time, the size and frequency depends on our budget!” BB

“One of Ben’s old posters from his collection.” BB

“The beginning of a memory wall we’re working on.” BB

“Milla is less about the cake, more about the sprinkles.” BB

Not Suitable For Children

At the NIDA gala last year, friend & publicist Jess Carrera organised a very impromptu afterparty where I witnessed the brilliance of Sarah Snook’s dancing 1st hand. So this is where the idea was born to shoot this video, exactly a year ago!

Stills shot by Ben Briand from the video Dance for
Styling: Romy Frydman Hair: Jenny Kim Makeup: Claire Thomson
Sarah Snook wears Gucci

Sarah wears Lanvin from David Jones

Chatting with Sarah Snook…

SS: Hi Romy! How are you?

SMR: Just got back from Paris & I’ve already booked my next flight! You seem to be busy, what are you up to right now?

SS: I’ve been running around doing publicity for my first feature film Not Suitable For Children, which has just been released in cinemas. It’s pretty exciting! And I finished filming my first US feature in May, a horror flick called Jessabelle.

SMR: We both danced the night away at the NIDA gala, what did you wear?

SS: I wore Thurley and the Peeptoe shoes you gave me from the shoot. Labels I also love are Mrs Press, Watson x Watson, Friend of Mine, Gary Bigeni & Magdalena Velevska.

SMR: Where and when do you dance?

SS: Wherever and whenever I can. I’ve been known to throw in a few hop-skip-and-a-jumps on a run, when I thought no one was watching! Do you dance Romy?

SMR: Normally only at the disco but if DJ Zen is playing, anywhere! What’s the best song to dance to?

SS: I think the best song to get me razzed up is probably Call Me, by Blondie. I think because if I could fly, I’d choose that as my flying song.

SMR: Sweet!

The video…

Sarah wears Richard Nicoll Dress from Land’s End

Special thanks to Jessica Carrera from Carrera Press Agency

Trip the Light Fantastic!

Trip the Light Fantastic was the NIDA gala theme this year and for all of you out there who have no idea what this means (myself included) I took the liberty of googling. It’s to dance lightly or to move in a pattern to music which I interpret as having a great party, which it was!!
Pics of all the superstars who attended.

All Photos: Marnie Haddad for
Actress: Elizabeth Debicki

NIDA performer

Actress: Sophie Lowe

Designer: Sarah-Jane Clarke and Vogue Editor: Edwina McCann

Actor: Benedict Samuel

Designer: Josh Goot and Fashion Editor, Vogue: Christine Centenera

Actress: Sarah Snook and Bulgari’s Trent Power

Christine Centenera & Elizabeth Debicki

Publicist: Jessica Carrera and Benedict Samuel

Myself and GQ Editor: Nick Smith

Movie Marathon

We’ve got a long weekend of actors coming up! To kick the marathon off, check out this behind-the-scenes video featuring our up-and-coming’s Emily Barclay, Robin McLeavy, Cody Fern & Leila George from our SMR fashion week shoot.

Stay tuned for the NIDA gala pics and our SMR clip of actress Sarah Snook dancing her heart out.

Cruisin’ between the seasons

Some options of things to wear in Sydney’s faux “winter”.

All Photos: Soraya Zaman for
Styling: Anna Brownjohn for Hair: Jenny Kim Make Up: Claire Thomson
Model: Viktoria (Chadwick) wearing Lonely Hearts bra, Nathan Smith shirt, ksubi shorts, Burberry belt, a selection of necklaces & rings from Kerry Rocks and Louis Vuitton shoes.

Viktoria wearing Cheap Monday knit, Carven jacket from Parlour X, ksubi shorts, Gala Curios necklace and Kerry Rocks necklace & ring.

Viktoria wearing Shakuhachi blouse, Purl Harbour knit from The Corner Shop, Lonely Hearts briefs and Kerry Rocks bracelet & rings.

Viktoria wearing Lonely Hearts bra, Skin & Threads knit, Raquel Allegra belt from Belinda, Iro jeans from The Corner Shop, Isabel Marant necklace & bracelet from Belinda, Cartier Juste un Clou bracelet and Kerry Rocks rings.

Viktoria wearing Isabel Marant Etoile tee from Parlour X, Burberry leather jacket & belt, ksubi shorts, Isabel Marant necklace from Belinda and Kerry Rocks necklace & rings.

Viktoria wearing Purl Harbour knit from The Corner Shop, ksubi jeans, Isabel Marant necklace from Belinda, Kerry Rocks rings and Louis Vuitton shoes.

Jane’s Space

UK based Australian photographer Jane Mcleish-Kelsey & I both have a love of things that are raw & loose. Call us free-spirited!! Working with her on last week’s stories was a treat as usual.

Jane on vacation in Capri.

Small scale preview! All Photos Jane Mcleish-Kelsey

If you happen to be in London around September, Jane is holding an exhibition of her incredible shots in her home pre-renovations: Primrose Hill Studios.

A Match Made in Accessories

Here are some of the finer things in life! And it was so hard to choose what to shoot from the Matches fine jewellery selection!

All photos: Jane Mcleish-Kelsey for
Styling: Romy Frydman Hair & Make-up: Jessica Mejia
Model: Signe (IMG) wearing Diane Kordas ring available now from Matches.

Carolina Bucci bracelets available now from Matches, top model’s own.

Charlotte Olympia heels available now from Matches, top model’s own.

Laced up in London

A little 60s inspired ladylike dressing never hurt anyone!

All Photos: Jane Mcleish-Kelsey for
Styling: Romy Frydman Hair & Make-up: Jessica Mejia
Model: Megan (IMG) wearing Stella McCartney top and pants available now from Matches.

Erdem dress available now from Matches.